Why the new 'Dmitri App' has been launched?

    Dmitri was developed utilizing 'Adobe Flash'. Flash web apps were rich web applications that had many of the characteristics of desktop application software. The web apps allowed the use of interactive features, background menus, WYSIWYG editing, etc. and were supported by all major internet browsers.
    Major browser vendors, such as Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer, have already discontinued their support of Flash.

    The Dmitri app will be the way you access Dmitri going forward. As such Dmitri will be made available via the Dmitri App and will run and provide the same functionality that was supported earlier through the internet browser version.

    Installing the Dmitri App, is a two-step process.

    Please email RRT@ChooseBroadspire.com to receive assistance installing the Dmitri App.

    Please note that once you have accomplished the above, users will automatically receive the newer versions of the application.
    If you do not have administrative rights on your desktop or laptop, you will need to ask for assistance from your IT Administrators to help you install the Dmitri App.


Download the Dmitri App and get started today.